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Donations are appreciated!

We feel that God has called us to be representatives for Him.
 We are to reach out to those who are hurting and may feel that no one cares,
those who may not be considered "desirable" in people's eyes. 

Our mission is to help His Kingdom grow by accurately and effectively delivering the message He has sent to as many souls as possible. 
The Word says "go ye into all the worldand preach the gospel."
 We are praying to God for people/churches who will take us on as missionaries. 
Many people are in need of someone to care and bring the message of Jesus Christ's great love, salvation and gift of eternal life. 
Through your faithfulness in prayers and financial gifts we'll be able to make a difference in their lives,
and that makes you a very vital part of our mission team. 
Together we make His Kingdom grow!

He calls some to go and some to send.
 We are willing and ready to go. 
You will be blessed by your willingness to give, as the Bible says in Luke 6:38,
"Give and it will be given to you...".
 The gift of salvation is free, but the way of bringing it to you is not. 
In our efforts there are monthly bills and needs that must be met.
 The funds we receive are used forgas, vehicle maintenance/upkeep, and expenses incurred while on the road. 
All monies received are used to further His Kingdom.

We believe all who sow into our ministry will be blessed beyond measure.
 To us, a soul is priceless.
 It's not about money, but being able to reach the lost in this dying world.

Would you prayerfully consider supporting our ministry?

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