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The CGMA (Country Gospel Music
) was founded by Dr. Billy Hale,
who has a "heart" for Country Gospel singers who are ministry minded. He wanted to help
give them a larger venue in which to perform
their music and minister to people.

He also wanted to give them a network with other like minded artists with the same or similar goals to help give them support along the way, both spiritual and emotional. He and his wife Donna are very special people who have given their entire lives to the organization and its members since the beginning.
They receive no pay for their work, which is basically a 24/7 "job". The CGMA has allowed us to spread our ministry farther by having contacts, both nationwide and internationally. They have organizations in the Philippines and Canada at this time and would like to expand to other countries in the future.
The organization now has approximately 3300 members and is still growing. It's like one big family, as, if one of its members has a need everyone rallies around that person to pray or help out in any way they can. If anyone is interested in joining the CGMA please e-mail us for more information.
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