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Winter 2006


Greg and I would like to wish each one of you a Merry Christmas and a very healthy, blessed and prosperous New Year! It's hard to believe we are starting another year, as it seems like just yesterday was the first of 2006. Wow is time flying by us or what?

We did get a motor home last year! God sent us a 32 foot Cobra Monterey by Oshkosh. On the first trip with it we got to see two people give their lives to Jesus. Is that not a blessing from God? We are so thankful for everything He has done for us, and through us, to further His Kingdom. If it weren't for God we would have nothing and would be able to do nothing. Therefore, we give all our praise, honor, and glory to Him for He so rightly deserves it.

In October we traveled to Branson, MO for the annual CGMA International Convention where we won the 3rd in a row Bluegrass/Gospel Artist Award. You know, it's great that our comrades feel we deserve an honor such as this, but to us it's more important to be able to reach souls for Jesus. This is our True Award - A Crown of Life when we get to Heaven! Still, we thank each person who voted for us in Branson.

We are looking forward to a very busy year and will be traveling many miles for Jesus. Our prayer is that our motor home will be mechanically sound and our journeys all safe. God will never give you a job to do for Him that He doesn't equip and prepare you for in advance. We are so thankful to be serving such a mighty and gracious God.

We really need your support this year as we can't go without fuel, insurance, tires and prayers.

It's time to be getting out receipts to each of you who has so thankfully supported us financially during 2006. You should be receiving this in the mail very soon.

We have been invited to travel to New Orleans on a missionary trip in January, then we'll be going to Florida from there. Also, a trip to Haiti has been mentioned, but we are still praying about this one.
We'll be doing something a little differently with all our newsletters. Beginning with our Spring issue, an additional page with our schedule will be attached so if you'd like, you may attend one of our services. We appreciate anyone who is able, and makes the effort, to see us in person.

On November 28, 2006 we performed at the Jim Bob Tinsley Museum in Brevard, NC. This began what we hope will be a mutually beneficial liaison between our two organizations. The museum is trying to preserve Appalachian music. As we know there are several good Gospel songs with the Blue Ridge Mountain sound and we would like to do our part to preserve our, and yours, heritage. By doing so we may be able to reach someone who would never venture inside a church building to hear about Jesus. We thank God for all opportunities to share His message in song and testimony. God gives us each a gift and He expects us to use it to further His Kingdom in more than just one venue. The Bible says for us to go into the highways and hedges to preach the Gospel.

As always we covet your prayers and support. Without each of you we could not do what we do for God. You are very appreciated and God will truly bless your efforts.


We love you all,


Greg and Teresa


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